Nate Schweber  presents..
@ Banjo Jim's
Thur Nov. 12

New York City's
finest roots musicians
sing the songs of
Warren William Zevon (1947-2003)

Lawyers, Guns & Money / Disorder In The House / Frank and Jesse James / My Dirty Life and Times / The Indifference of Heaven  Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me / I Was In The House When The House Burned Down / Carmelita / My Shit’s Fucked Up / Desperados Under the Eaves / I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead / Hasten Down the Wind / Mohammed’s Radio / Mutineer / Excitable Boy /
/ The Hula Hula Boys /
/ Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner / The French Inhaler /
 Splendid Isolation /
 Mr. Bad Example / Play It All Night Long / Keep Me In Your Heart / Werewolves of London

Banjo Jim's
Thursday, November 12
700 East 9th St.
(@ Avenue C)

Come early! Stay late!
Drink beer! Get in trouble!